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4 to 6 years

2022 Term Dates
  • Term 1 - Thursday 28th January to Thursday 1st April
  • Term 2 - Monday 19th April to Friday 25th June
  • Term 3 - Monday 12th July to Friday 17th September
  • Term 4 - Monday 4th October to Friday 17th December

The Kindergarten at Kids Own Early Childhood Learning Centre is a Government Funded Program for up to 22 children per day. The program is run by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher who is registered with Victorian Institute of Teaching and an assistant teacher currently undertaking training to become a qualified Early Childhood Teacher who will be registered with Victorian Institute of Teaching .

The Program operates Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8.30am-4.00pm During Victorian school terms. Children enrolled in sessional Kindergarten do not attend during school holiday periods. However, holiday care is available for families if required.

Each child needs to be booked in for min 2 days (15 hours) a week to access the funded Kindergarten program.  Families requiring care before and or after session times are required to enroll in the Long day Care Program of the Centre. (Please speak to us regarding your family’s individual enrolment needs)


Kids Own Early Childhood Learning Centre employs a full time Cook who prepares all meals in our registered kitchen. We cater for your child’s nutritional needs through our 4 weekly rotating menu which is displayed on the Family Notice Board in the hallway of the centre.

These are continually revised to suit the dietary requirements of the children within our environment.

What to Bring

Please do not send toys, jewellery or any other treasures  from  home  with  your child  as they  may be at risk of being misplaced or broken. We ask that all items brought into Kids Own ECLC are clearly named.



What to Bring

Please do not send toys, jewellery or any other treasures  from  home  with  your child  as they  may be at risk of being misplaced or broken. We ask that all items brought into Kids Own ECLC are clearly named.

Please ensure that the following items are packed in your child's bag:

All your child’s belongings need to be sent in a suitable bag for safe keeping. Back pack bag style is recommended.
Hats must be worn outside at all times, broad brimmed or legionnaire style. Kids Own Early Childhood Learning Centre policy is “no hat, no outdoor play”.
A water drink bottle.
Young children in this age group require a full set of spare clothing clearly named.
Hats and Clothing

When enrolling your child into the program you will be asked to complete

  • An Enrolment Form and kindergarten application form
  • Complete a Background Information Form for your child.
  • Supply a current Health Care Card. (if applicable)
  • Produce a current and up to date Immunisation Schedule.
  • Produce a Birth Certificate for your child

Before enrolling in Kindergarten 2022 you will need to have made the decision that your child will be attending school in 2023. If you are not sure regarding this, we can organise a Parent/Educator meeting with your child’s current Kids Own Educator and one of our kindergarten teachers.  If your child is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, please speak to the staff about further information regarding their Kindergarten eligibility.

Your child must turn 4 before the 30th April in the year they begin Kindergarten. Children who turn 4 after this date will be able to participate in our Pre-Kinder program. Children who turn 4 after 30th April will be enrolled into our 3-4 year old funded sessional Kindergarten program unless special circumstance apply. Children who are involved with DHS or who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent are eligible for an additional year of kindergarten under early start funding.

Asthma,Allergies and anaphylaxis

Any children who have Asthma, Allergies and anaphylaxis must have an action plan completed by a doctor prior to the commencement of kindergarten. A communication plan and a risk minimisation plan will be developed and discussed with families at the time of enrolment.  Any medication listed on the plan is to be placed in an insulated clearly labelled lunch box & must be at the service whenever your child attends.

Parent input

Kids Own Kindergarten appreciates any help or assistance that is offered by our families. There are Special Event Days and Excursions that are organised throughout the year. These allow parents and family members to attend the Kindergarten and join in the day’s activities. If you have a special talent that you want to share with the children, we warmly welcome your visit. If you are interested in helping in any way, please speak to the Kindergarten staff.

Parent/ Teacher interview

Progress meetings will be held at the beginning of term 3 for each family. This is to touch base with how your child has settled in and is progressing at kinder. If for any reason the Kindergarten Teacher wishes to meet with you regarding your child and their learning, she will contact you to organise a suitable time. Like wise if you wish to have an additional meeting with the kindergarten teacher you are welcome to request this. At Kids Own our focus is always the strengths of all children and creating magical learning experiences that will embed the love of learning for life.

Your child’s readiness for school

Over the year the Kindergarten Teacher will have observed if your child is ready to commence school the following year. If through observations of your child, the teacher feels your child may benefit or be eligible for a 2nd year then a meeting will be organised with families. Together the best direction for your child will be discussed and goals set to assist your child in their learning and development. In order for your child to attend a second year they must meet the eligibility criteria. This is a process that begins at the end of term 2.

Beginning and end of day routines

Arrival: Kindergarten begins at 8.30am sharp it is vital you are here on time to ensure a program can begin and runs smoothly with minimal disruptions.

Departure: Kindergarten finishes at 4.00pm sharp please arrive 5 mins early so you are ready to collect your child at 4.00pm. Once you arrive please wait in the foyer and a kindergarten educator will assist you with collection of your child. Please do not enter the room early as this is disruptive to all the children during the end of day mat time. For discussions with the kindergarten educators we request that you do call us during the day to arrange a time or leave us a note in your child’s lunch box to have a phone meeting at a time convenient during the day. Children who are enrolled in our long day care will remain in the kindergarten room at the end of the kindergarten session.

Parental Communications

Story Park is an online communication method used for communication between Kids Own educators and Kids Own families. While ensuring our confidentiality policy is at all times adhered to, Children’s learning and development is documented both individually and ingroups for families to access and provide feedback. Story park also allows a clear and easy flow of communication between educators and families. Reminders and or requests are uploaded regularly and families are encouraged to also use this online system and or contact the center should they wish to do so.

Birthday invitations or other communications to other families, please hand these directly to a teacher. We will ensure they are placed in the correct child’s bag.

School transition statements

It is a Government requirement that a School Transition Statement is completed for all children who will be attending school the following year.  These statements are completed by the Kindergarten Teacher in term 4. Families are then given an opportunity to have their input into the Statement and fill in the Family and Child Section. This system is online and you will be given instructions on completing this at the beginning of term 4. These will then be forwarded onto the school of your choice.


There are three options for enrolling in Kids Own Kindergarten.

  •  LONG DAY CARE/ Kindergarten combination - 6.30AM - 6.30 PM MONDAY – FRIDAY
  • COMBINATION OF THE ABOVE TWO OPTIONS - Families will be charged combination of fees according to the booking required.
Term fees will be applied to your account the first week of term.

Term fees are due a week in advance. You can pay this amount by eftpos at the centre. If fees are not paid within the first 2 weeks of term your child may not be able to attend. please speak to our management team if you need to organise a payment plan.
Families who hold a health care card will not be charged fees if enrolled in sessional kindergarten only. If your child attends Kindergarten through the Long Day Care option CCS is still applied to your fees and will be billed weekly as usual.
Late Fees Apply after 4.00pm - All children must have a Parent or Guardian who is over the age of 18 years to pick them up at 4.00pm on any Kindergarten day unless enrolled in long day care. If you have not collected your child at 4pm there will be a Late Fee of $5per 30 minutes. This is a strict policy due to Department Regulations relating to staff ratios. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can happen if you are running late please call us so we can ensure we have adequate staffing.


Sahel Riazati - Kindergarten Teacher

Sahel Riazati - Kindergarten Teacher

At Kids Own we are strongly dedicated to Early Childhood Education with a passion for hands on emergent learning, focusing on each child developing and learning in a way that is suitable to their personal learning style. As a passionate early childhood team, we pride ourselves on strong and positive interactions with the children, using the environment in innovative ways to ensure each child is able to reach their full potential.
Through the Kindergarten Program, Kids Own endeavours to ensure each child is ready to begin their formal learning journey at school, ensuring the Kindergarten program is developed to cater for each individual’s unique learning style. This is done in collaboration with families recognising that a child’s family is their first and most important influence.
We believe in building children’s sense of autonomy and educating them to be confident and capable individuals and be able to construct their own learning through our play-based program.
We look forward to the year ahead and being part of your learning journey.



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Hours Of Operation - 6:30am to 6.30pm – Monday to Friday.
We operate 52 weeks of the year, excluding all relevant public holidays.

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