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Frequently Asked Questions

Kids Own Early Childhood Learning Centre

What ages does Kids Own Early Childhood Learning Centre cater for?
  • Euroa- 6 Months to 2 Years

  • Kuranya Room - 2 Years to 3 Years

  • Kinder- 3 Years to 4 Years

  • Kindergarten- 4 Years to 6 Years

  • Before and after school Care - 6 Years to 12 Years

What are the operating hours?

Operating hours are from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm, Monday to Friday, 52 weeks a year with exceptions of weekend and Public Holidays.

Do the children receive meals?

We provide breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack where required. Our in house cook creates fresh and healthy meals that are nutritious and follow dietary requirements. For more info ask for our menu on your next visit.

Are nappies provided for babies and toddlers?

Yes, however if your child requires a particular brand or type, we recommend supplying your own.

What is your orientation Process?

The introduction into long day care can be difficult for children and parents. Children’s welfare and happiness are the priority for educators when welcoming new children to Kids Own ECLC and when assisting the family to settle into Kids Own environment. It is recognized  that  families’  needs  will vary greatly in the orientation process and individual needs will be addressed.

  • Make sure you familiarize your child with the environment and the people in the environment (children and adults) by coming in for visits before commencing care.

  • Ease your child into care with short stays to begin with.

  • Provide a favorite toy, blanket or comforter to support your child when they are separating from you or settling to sleep. This can help your child feel more secure.

  • If your child is unsettled, short visits with you will help your child to gain trust with  an unfamiliar environment. These visits can be made on a day when your child is not booked to attend.

  • Your child will be reassured when they see positive interactions between Educators  and parents or Educators and other children, and this will help them to establish trust in an unfamiliar setting.

  • Try to talk at home about child care. Mention the names of the Educators and other children. Talk about the things the child will be able to do at child care that are fun and enjoyable.

  • Talk to the Educators about your child, for example, what they like to do; successful ways of settling them  to sleep; foods they  like and dislike  and so on. This helps Educators to get to know your child. If English is not the language spoken at home please provide a list of words to assist educators providing comfort and education to your child.

  • When leaving your child it is best to make sure  you  say goodbye  and  then  leave. Hesitating  and not going after you have said your goodbye only confuses them, especially
    if they are upset. Reassure your child that everything is alright and you  will  return  later. This  can  help them to settle.

  • It sometimes helps to establish a routine when leaving. For example, giving your child a cuddle and then passing them on to Educator, or sitting down  with  them  to read  a book or for a short play before leaving.

  • At first some children protest strongly while others may take a day or two to realize  that you  are leaving them and  begin to  protest after several days. Children soon learn that  you  do return and in the mean time they are well cared for.

Do you celebrate kids' birthday at your center?

Your child’s birthday is a special event in his or her life. To celebrate your child’s birthday, you are welcome to bring a store bought cup cakes which shows the ingredients list (due to food allergies). Please check with your child’s educator prior to the birthday that what you plan to bring in is suitable for all children, including those who may have allergies or special dietary requirements.

What is your clothing attire?

Parents are advised to send their children to Kids Own ECLC in comfortable, inexpensive clothing. The children need to be able to move around during play and should be unimpaired by clothing. While  paints etc will come out in the wash, accidents do happen so please  don’t  send  your  child  in  expensive or designer clothing. Young children enjoy and need “messy” play with paint, clay, sand,  water and mud. Kids Own only has a limited supply of spare clothing. Please supply at least one change  of  clothing and underwear (for those children out of nappies) in case of accidents. Toddlers should have about three complete changes of clothing and plenty of training pants. Please label your child’s clothing and replace name tags if they fade in the wash. Ensure clothing is suitable for the weather. 

  • In regards to clothing safety

    Please do not dress your child in clothing  with cords e.g. shorts, hats, as these have the potential to become caught on equipment and may cause serious harm to your child. 

  • In regards to Belongings

    Please ensure all belongings are clearly labelled including dummies, clothes etc. Lost property will be displayed  for parent collection  in your child’s room. Parent ceration  in labelling  assists Kids Own in keeping your child’s belongings together.It is appreciated if personal possessions are encouraged not brought to Kids Own . Any possessions  brought must come entirely at the parent’s own risk with regards to breakage or loss.  A soft toy or security item for rest time is only acceptable. 

Each child is allocated a locker or wall hook. Please place bags etc in the area provided. If your child attends less than five days per week, they will share their area with another child. 

What is your guidance strategy?

Educators follow a Behaviour Guidance Policy which extends across the whole Service giving consistency of expectation in all rooms. This policy allows children to develop self-discipline, a respect for others, for property and respect for self. 
The policy aims are :

  • To give all children the opportunity to expand their experiences of life in a productive, safe environment that allows individuals the right to safety, tolerance, self-­‐expression,  cultural identity, dignity and the worth of the individual, along with honesty in dealing with peers and caregivers.

  • To be taught to respect the rights and needs of others by foreseeing the outcome of their behaviour and the consequences of their behaviour.

  • To encourage the individual social development of each child.

  • If you require further information on this policy please ask Educators and refer to the policy book.

What is your procedure for resting and sleeping of kids?

Rest time routine varies according to individual needs. We aim to make rest time a relaxed, pleasant time for all children. We provide stretcher beds for children. Your child may wish to bring a security item, pillow or blanket to have at rest time. Please feel free to discuss your child’s rest needs with Educators.

How do you keep in touch with families and involve in child’s learning and development?

We believe the best way to work with you and your child is by building a partnership  of care. To do this we want you to feel. You are given lots of information about what is happening and you are asked for your views

Everybody has a different communication style and time for communication. We understand that mornings and afternoons can be a little rushed, and not the best time to discuss your child. We have many types of communication we use for families in Kids Own just like you.

  • Displayed signs on main entrance door.

  • Displayed signs on doors to children’s room.

  • Verbally at arrival and departure times.

  • Notices in child/family pockets outside your child’s class door.

  • Facebook posts.

  • Newsletters.

  • Email.

A suggestion box at the entrance of the hall way allows parents to leave more detailed written messages if they have concerns or want to provide positive or negative feedback. These can be anonymous if desired.

Occasionally Educators will ask parents to complete short surveys in order to maintain up to date records and seek parent feedback on various topics. It is encouraged that parent’s do read these notices and ensure they are aware of current issues and events at Kids Own ECLC.

Information received through written and spoken communication with families will be treated with discretion.
At any time if you require a private discussion with our Educators,  please  inform  us.  This can  happen face to face or by phone.

What can we expect from educator?

Educators will: 

  • inform families promptly and sensitively of any out of the ordinary incidents affecting their child.

  • share with children’s families some of the specific interactions they had with the children during the day.

  • provide information on children’s eating and sleeping patterns through verbal communication and through Story Park platform.

  • keep an appropriate record of joint decisions made with families  affecting  children’s progress, interests and experiences. (These may include new events like toilet training)

Please feel free at any time in person, by phone or email to discuss your child’s progress, relationship, interest and experiences.

Do you want more information?

Hours of Operation
Kids Own ECLC hours are from 6:30am to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday, 52 weeks per year. Kids Own is closed on all national & state (VIC) public holidays.

Priority of Access
Please refer to our Enrolment Policy for more information about the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations’ (DEEWR) requirements for Priority of Access.

Court Orders
Parents must notify Kids Own if there are any Court  Orders affecting residency of their children and a copy is required for Kids Own Without a Court Order we cannot stop a parent collecting a child.

Health & Safety
Kids Own ECLC provides a healthy and safe  environment  for  children, Educators and families – please refer to our policies covering nutrition, hygiene, medication and infectious diseases. Children with contagious illnesses must be kept at home. A doctor’s certificate must be presented  to Kids Own when the children returns showing the infection is no longer contagious.

Food Allergies
We are an allergy aware Service. Please inform the Nominated Supervisor if your child has any allergy or anaphylaxis. 

NO CHILD will be admitted with obvious signs of any contagious infection or illness. Our policy states the incubation period, symptoms and exclusion periods of such diseases. Children who are not immunised will not be allowed to attend Kids Own.

Educators will be able to administer medication to children who are recovering from illness if a medication form has been completed and signed by parents before the medication is given. The nominated supervisor or an educator can assist you to complete the form. Medication must be in date, in its original container with the original label,  have the child’s name on the label, and have any instructions about  the  medication  (including  those  from  a GP) attached  to the medication. Medication must be handed to an Educator for appropriate  storage. Please DO NOT leave medication in your child’s bag. 

Medical Conditions including asthma and anaphylaxis 
Kids Own ECLC aims to provide a safe environment for children who have identified medical conditions. It is  Service policy that a Medical Management Plan be  completed  by parents/guardians in consultation with the family doctor. The Plan  should  include a photo of your child, state what triggers the medical condition, what first  aid is needed,  contact details  for the doctor who signed the plan and state  when the Plan should  be reviewed. This must be completed and returned before enrolment commences. Our service will develop a Risk Minimization Plan which is based on information in the Management Plan.
Parents are responsible for updating their child’s Medical Management Plan or providing a new Plan when necessary. 

Accidents and Illness
The nominated supervisor will contact parents immediately  if a child is involved in a serious accident  or illness at Kids Own. As a matter of extreme importance parents must ensure that Kids Own has up to date emergency contact numbers. An incident report will be filled out for all accidents, injuries and illnesses. This will contain details of the accident/injury/illness, any first aid that was administered, and be signed by an educator, the Nominated Supervisor and by the parent.

Emergency Drills
Throughout the year Kids Own will hold emergency drills which occur at any given time throughout the  day.  These are carried out in a well-­ organized and  orderly manner. Educators will be trained in using the fire extinguishers that are in Kids Own. An emergency escape plan will be displayed in every room.

Using Kids Own ECLC Safely
Never leave children unattended in cars while collecting children from Kids Own. Cars parks are dangerous places for children. Always hold children’s hands when arriving and leaving Kids Own. Never leave a door or gate open. Never leave your children unattended in a room. Children are not permitted into the kitchen and laundry areas. 

Workplace Health and Safety Feedback
We welcome all feedback regarding the safety of our  Service.  If you see something  that concerns you regarding safe work practices, the safety of building and equipment or general Work health and Safety, please contact the Nominated Supervisor immediately.

Educators: qualifications and ratios
We meet all legal requirements in relation to child to educator ratios and the qualifications of our educators.   All  Educators  will hold First Aid qualifications, have Working with Children Checks completed and attend regular Educators’ meetings and trainings. Our Educators are continually  evaluating how our curriculum meets the education needs of our children and  reflecting on ways  to  improve children’s learning and development. They are  encouraged to attend further professional training and development. For further details on the qualifications of the Educators, please see our Nominated Supervisor. 

We guarantee your child will have a happy, safe and secure relationship with our Service and our Educators and that the time he or she is in our care will be positive and fulfilling. 

Important Contacts and Information for Families 
Kids Own provides families with current information on child and family resources and services accessible in the local community. Kids Own ECLC has a parent library with resources you may find helpful. 

ACECQA is the new national body ensuring early childhood education and care across Australia is high quality 

  • Address: Level 15, 255 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

  • Postal Address: PO Box A292, Sydney, NSW 2000

  • Email: enquiries@acecqa.gov.au

  • Phone: 1300 422 327

  • Centrelink Families & Parents Line:
    13 61 50

  • Australian Childhood Immunisation Register
    Phone: 1800 653 809  

Informative Websites
for Parents 
We have a list of useful websites for parents. Please ask educators for a copy. Raising Children Network The Australian parenting website: comprehensive, practical, expert child health and parenting information and activities covering children aged 0-8 years. (raisingchildren.net.au/)

Better Health Channel
Quality consumer health information quality-­assured,   regularly reviewed, health and well being information and services. This site is sponsored by the State Government of Victoria (www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/)

Parent Involvement

Family Skills, Interests and Talents
We welcome and encourage the involvement of all parents/families at our Service. Your ideas, experiences and skills are greatly valued and will enable us to extend  each child’s interests, abilities and knowledge. There are many ways for your family to be involved. We understand that  our busy lives can’t always afford the time, however any contribution no matter how big or small is much appreciated. Here are just a few ideas.

Your Occupation or Hobby
Your child loves you and when they get to childcare all they talk about is you. You are the most important person in their world. We welcome all parents at Kids Own to talk about their occupation or hobby (e.g. music, craft, cooking). Everything parents do interest children and  these  talks are the best educational resources you can provide for Kids Own. We  use information that has come from discussions about occupations and hobbies in our programming and the ideas explored from parent talks can last for weeks.

Your Home Culture
Your home culture is most welcome in our Service. We would greatly appreciate it if you were able to share with our Service  aspects of your culture and family  life. This would assist us to enrich  the lives  of all our families and children.

Reading (especially good for grandparents)
Children love to be read to. If you or your parents have the time  please contact your room Educators to organise a day for reading.

Useful Junk -­We are always on the lookout for recyclable items for the rooms. Empty food containers, ribbons, wrapping paper, towel tubes (not toilet or egg or milk because of hygiene and allergy issues) paper or anything interesting from your work is much appreciated. 

Family Photos – Our aim is to create a warm, friendly and homely environment. One way we like to achieve this is by having family photos displayed in your child’s room. Please bring  in a photo  of your family  for us to display in the room. 

Concerts and Special Events
Our Service organizes  special  events  throughout  the year. Keep an eye out as your child is sure  to be a star! 

Parents are welcome to visit or call Kids Own at any time. If you  have any suggestions  or ideas on how we best can work together in Kids Own please let us know. If you have any concerns, please see your child’s educator or the Nominated Supervisor. We have a grievance procedure if you would like to formally raise any concerns. 

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